Outdoor Heavy Duty Payment Dropbox with Hopper Drop Door

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The ultimate high security outdoor payment dropbox. Developed and designed for a state campground who repeatedly had payment theft, and the payment theft stopped once this dropbox was installed. 

Made of 1/4 inch thick steel and powder coated in either black or gray, additional custom color options are available for an additional fee. 

The hopper style payment drop door closes off access when opened. The cash or envelope is placed in the hopper and when the door is closed it drops into the high security receptacle. Below the drop door are anti-phishing teeth which is an extra security measure to help prevent theft. If someone were to possibly put a coat hanger down into it and pull out the wire would get caught between the teeth and knock the item down. It is nearly impossible to get something like this into the hopper door so this is just an extra security feature that is designed to give you peace of mind.

Two sizes are available, standard (12" W x 12 H x 16" D) or large (12" W x 18" H x 18" D). 

The locked receptacle access door is kept secure with a vault like lock style. A high secure cam lock along with two large pens keep the door secure. Much like a vault when the key is turned to open the door the pens retract and allow you access to the receptacle where the payments and envelopes have dropped. The solid steel hinge is welded to the door making it impossible to remove. 

This dropbox is designed to be in direct weather with the hopper style door blocking any rain and a overhang which protects the rain from penetrating the receptacle. 

An optional inground post or surface mounted post are available. 

High Security Payment Dropbox Specifications:

  • Two size options:  standard 12" W x 12 H x 16" D or large 12" W x 18" H x 18" D
  • Heavy Duty Steel: 1/4 inch (3 gauge)
  • Approx weight 75 lbs
  • Drop door: Hopper style 
  • Anti-Phishing teeth
  • Vault access door lock
  • Front or rear locked access door
  • Durable Powder coated 2 color options (black or gray)
  • Two post options (in ground or surface mounted
  • Optional vinyl lettering available 
  • Made in the USA

 Made for absolute security this payment drop box is not matched by any other locking dropbox. 

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