Fire Rated Through the Wall Letter Dropbox with Rear Access

Free with order over $100.

Our FIRE RATED Through the Wall Letter Drop is a front drop with rear access mailbox suitable for both mail or as a payment dropbox. Suitable for through the wall processing of mail which can be installed both internally or externally to suit. This letter drop units are designed for multi family or single family mail delivery.

Please note, this unit is made to order with a lead time of 4 to 7 weeks. An additional shipping charge will be added to the order. ORDERS MUST BE PLACED OVER THE PHONE OF BY EMAIL. 

The large panel design can be configured to meet the requirements of each individual project. Designed for interior use only, it cannot be installed in direct weather. 

The mail drop flap uses an inward sprung hinge to stop the flap from falling out of the box when exposed to fire. The mailbox features an opening that uses an intumescent seal which expands when exposed to a large increase in temperature which closes the air space available and thus restricting the flow of oxygen into the mailbox.

The access door lock includes a fire rated cover which limits the access to the mailbox lock.

These units are built to order and must be ordered over the phone or by email. Contact us directly for a quote. 

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