Decorative Parcel Receptacle for Home / Office Secure Deliveries

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Our Decorative Parcel Receptacle allows packages to be securly left at your door. If you receive Amazon packages, or shipments on a regular basis and need a secure method to have them left at your door this is a great option. This drop box will arrive unassembled. Typical assembly time ranges from 15 to 20 minutes. 

The door is left unlocked and when UPS, FedEx, or the US Post office comes to drop off a package they open the door, place the parcel in the box and close it. It will then be locked and secured in the Secure Parcel Chest. With your key you can open the locked door and retreive the package. 

Parcel Chest Specifications:

  • Drop box outer dimensions: 24.75” x 17” L x 22” W
  • Large size maximum package dimensions: H 20” x W 19.5 x D 13.5
  • Item weight 16 lbs
  • Installation instructions included
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Assembly is required

How to install your Decorative Package Parcel Chest:

  1. Drill 4 holes through the inside floor of the PARCEL CHEST where the 4 drill marks are indicated. Use a 5/16" drill bit for wood or steel.
  2. Place the PARCEL CHEST on the concrete floor where you want to mount it.
  3. Using any suitable marker, mark the floor hole positions through the holes in the PARCEL CHEST bottom.
  4. Move the PARCEL CHEST so you can access your floor hole marks. Drill the 4 holes into the floor the using a 5/8" drill bit for concrete. The holes should be 2" deep.
  5. Insert the included metallic expansion screw anchors into the floor holes by gently using a hammer until the expansion anchors are even with the floor.
  6. Add a washer to each hex screw and then insert the hex screws through the holesin the PARCEL CHEST bottom and into the expansion anchors. Tighten the hex screws by hand as far as possible. Finish tightening the hex screws with a hex wrench. Do not overtighten or you may damage the PARCEL CHEST. 


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