Curbvault High Security Locking Mailbox

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The Curbvault has one of the greatest storage capacities around. This unique yet beautiful mailbox will add value to your home and keep your mail and identity safe from mail theft.
The CurbVault is undergoing numberous changes which will make it have a larger and more secure mail drop. Please go ahead and place your order and we will keep you up to date on the ship date. 
This high security two piece mailbox is made with 1/8 inch think steel and welded to prevent someone from prying it open. The large storage capacity of 3,200 cubic inches, provides ample storage room. You will not need to worry that someone may notice that you have not picked up your mail for several days. Four color choices; Black, White, Sand and Antique Copper. NEW - uniquely designed 2-part construction for easier handling and installation. The pivot rods that support both doors are now stainless steel. The invisible weld lines have new better tack and seam-welding technology. This secure mailbox includes self adhesive address numbers. Just type in your house numbers and we will mail you the numbers to adhere yourself. Easy to do and takes only minutes. Made in the USA!

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Once mail is deposited into the Curbvault Locking Mailbox it falls to the deep base, where it can only be accessed by opening the rear highly secure panel.Curbvault Locking Mailbox Features & Specifications:

  • Indestructible 1/8" thick seam welded plate steel (resists baseball bats, bullets, pipe bombs).
  • The ultimate defense against mail and identity theft.
  • Detail instructions included to mount on concrete pad.
  • A great alternative to brick.
  • Vehicular "break-away" safety mount included.
  • At-home "catch tray" for easy mail retrieval away from traffic.
  • Self-locking door with rear retrieval access.
  • Converter tray for "drive up" front retrieval access.
  • Meets and exceeds all postal regulations
  • Oversized deposit door opening, no slot.
  • 4 fashionable colors of ever enduring power coating, inside and out.
  • Welded steel rods instead of breakable hinges.
  • Huge storage capacity to prevent "mail holding".
  • (3,200 cubic inch capacity).
  • Exclusive, mildew-resistant condensation system; water tight.
  • Larger, newly designed red flag made of 1/8" steel
  • 50 ½” outside total height.
  • 35" from base to front door pivot (outside height front).
  • 12” x 13 ½” base dimensions .
  • 14” from inside front door to inside back wall.
  • 11 5/8” x 13 ½” deposit door opening.
  • 11” x 11 3/8” real door opening.
  • Weight: Approx 94 lbs.
  • Made in the USA

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