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    Hide A Key Rock - Piedmont RocLok

    Hide A Key Rock - Piedmont RocLok
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    Hide A Key Rock - Piedmont RocLok

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    At 12 pounds this rock key hider will not be mistaken for one of those cheap items used to hide your house key. Even if your faux rock is discovered to be a hidden key safe the personal 3 digit combination keeps your key(s) secure.

    Not the rock key hider you’re looking for? Check out our complete section of Hide A Key Rock key holders which will look great in front of any house or office.

    The interior dimensions of the safe are 3" x 2" x .5" so you are able to hid as many as two or three keys. Handmade in the USA this attractive fake rock will add charm to your planter or garden and look great for years. The RocLoc will naturally age with its surroundings and look great for years.

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    At 7 inches tall and 7 inches wide the fake rock key hider will look great in a Asian inspired bamboo or rock garden or blend perfectly in a English tea garden. It comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty and you can easily change the 3 digit combination for a house guest or it can be used as a safe place to keep an extra key for when you are locked out of the house. Hide your spare key in this ingeniously designed rock safe and know you have a back up key securely kept for when you need it.

    Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions 7” x 7”
  • Weight 12 lbs.
  • Faux Rock hide your spare key
  • Interior dimensions of safe: 3" x 2" x .5"
  • Handmade in the USA
  • 1 yr manufacturer warranty
  • Easily change your 3 digit personal code

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is the Hide a Key Rock Piedmont RocLok really a rock? No- it’s better. Many natural stones have fracture lines that weaken the rocks. This Hide a Key Rock is made of hardened resin making it stronger than natural stone, while still retaining the look of natural stone and providing a safe to hide a key. RocLoks are handmade in the USA using casts made from natural stone.

    2. How big is the Hide a Key Rock Piedmont RocLok? The overall dimensions of the Hide a Key Rock Piedmont RocLok are 7” by 7” with a weight of 12 lbs. We also offer 4 other Hide a Key Rocks in our selection according to your preference of size, style, and weight. Each of the Hide a Key Rocks shares the same size compartment within the hide a key rock.

    3. What is the size of the key holder compartment Hide a Key Rock? The dimensions of the key safe inside the Hide a Key Rocks are 3” X 2” X .5”. As with our other Hide a Key Rocks this opening fits several keys securely inside.

    4. Will the Hide a Key Rock hold up in the weather? Yes. This Hide a Key Rock was created to be stored out side. The exterior of the Hide a Key Rock is made of a fiber-reinforced plastic surrounded by a polymer modified concrete. This material allows water to shed off the surface of the Hide a Key Rock.

    5. Is the Hide a Key Rock Piedmont RocLok the right hide a key rock for me? While all five of the Hide a Key Rocks included in our selection hold the same number of keys, the differences are external. You might like to view the four other RocLok products and consider which one best suits the style, size, and weight for your taste. Other choices include: the Hide A Key Rock - St. - Helens RocLok, the Rock Key Hider - Hudson RocLok, the Spare Key Hider - McKenzie RocLok, and the Hide a Key Rock - Gila RocLok .

    6. How do I lock and unlock the key hider safe inside the Hide a Key Rock? Access to your keys is attained through a 3-digit code combination of your choosing. Your code may also be easily updated at your discretion.

    7. Why do I need to hide a key outside? You may need to hide a key outside and not realize it until it is too late. Many people enter their homes through their garage door and don’t consider what would happen during power outages when the garage door won’t open. Also, what happens if you solely use a keypad on your door to enter your home or business and the batteries die? You’ll have to spend your valuable time waiting for a locksmith and money on a preventable expense. Hide a pare key in a Hide a Key Rock and you can avoid such situations altogether.

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