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    Welcome to the Locking Security Mailbox online store. Here you will find a large selection of the best locking security mailboxes made to help keep your mail and identity secure. Choose from our featured locking mailboxes below or click on the product tabs at the left to view our entire selection of locking wall and curbside mailboxes. We take pride in all the quality mailboxes that we offer, and work hard to make you satisfied with your purchase. If you have any questions or you're not sure what type of lockable mailbox you need, please email or call us. You'll also enjoy a flat $9.95 price per mailbox for ground shipping orders in the contiguous 48 United States and 100 percent safe, secure shopping.

    NEW PRODUCTS ADDED We are now offering locking drop boxes, wall safes and mail slots for the door or wall! These items will enhance the security of your identity and protection for your valuables in your home. We will continue to add more choices to these categories as we find more quality products that we feel will meet your needs.

    Large Locking Wall Mounted MailboxLocking Mailbox with Hopper DoorThrough the Wall Locking Drop Box
    Large Locking Wall Mounted MailboxWorks as a payment drop box or mailbox!
    Locking Mailbox with Hopper DoorHopper door like at post office!
    Through the Wall Locking Drop Box
    Sale Price
    Mail Boss Lockable MailboxWall Mail Drop SlotThrough The Door Drop Slot with Receptacle
    Mail Boss Lockable Mailbox
    Sale Price
    Wall Mail Drop SlotOptional Receptacle with Lock!
    Sale Price
    Through The Door Drop Slot with Receptacle
    Adjustable Through the Wall Locking Drop BoxLocking Mailbox in ColumnWall Mounted Mail Drop Box
    Adjustable Through the Wall Locking Drop Box
    Locking Mailbox in Column
    Sale Price
    Wall Mounted Mail Drop Box
    Sale Price
    These unique, sturdy and secure mailboxes will add safety and beauty to your home and may last a lifetime. We take pride in all the mailboxes we sell and work hard to make our customers satisfied with their purchase. If you have any questions or you're not sure what type of mailbox you need please call or email us.

    Why buy a locking mailbox? Your identity is one of the most important things you should protect outside of your own life. As a society we are known not just by our facial features and our name, but by our social security number and our credit. In a matter of seconds a thief can walk or drive up to your house, open your mailbox and walk or drive away with credit card statements, bank statements, and a number of other personal letters that have information about you and your family. You lock your front door, you lock your car, so why not lock your mailbox?

    Thousands of people are affected daily by identity theft. Keeping your mail secure is not only something that keeps your mail safe, it might just keep you from spending hundreds of hours trying to repair your credit after your mail has been taken. Many times it will be weeks, months or even years before you might know your mail has been stolen. The longer it goes unnoticed the more damaged is caused and the more time it takes to fix.

    A security mailbox is a simple way to protect you and your family from a crime that grows more popular daily. And it is not just hardened criminals looking to take your mail and your identity. Occasionally a kid thinking it is funny and just a prank steals mail. The point is you never know. Our locking mailboxes are easy to install and for a few hundred dollars you can have peace of mind knowing your mail is much more safe in a steel, locked box and not just a cheap mailbox with an unlocked lid.

    Take some time and research locking mailboxes. If you don't buy one from us, please buy one from someone. Locking mailboxes are a great way to secure your mail and give you peace of mind.

    Here is a list of some of our mailboxes with a brief description in order of popularity.

    1. The Locking Mailbox with combination and post ASMVB1 is one of our best sellers. This high-security locking mailbox stands out not just in looks, but in function as well. The tall narrow neck allows mail to be dropped into the mailbox without compromising it's security. The drop slot will allow magazines, large envelops, boxes of checks and other types of common mail to easily go down into the locked compartment. The combination pad allows easy access into the storage compartment without the need of a key.

    2. Our Residential Locking Mailbox is one of the latest additions to our selective inventory. This mailbox is made of 12 and 14 gauge electro galvanized steel. It has a unique design, which makes it durable to many types of prying associated with attempts to steal mail. It does not use your typical key, but one like you would see on vending machines, which makes it nearly impossible to pick. This lockable mailbox is ready to keep your mail safe.

    3. Our Bronze Locking Curbside Mailbox A5100Z is one of our locked mail boxes which should be considered by all our customers. The large storage capacity and ample incoming hopper door makes for a great combination for any homeowner. This locking mail box comes in 4 colors and we can add your address to the front. The mailbox is made of durable 16 gauge sheet steel and the door is made of heavy duty 14 gauge sheet steel. The powder coated finish makes for years of free care maintenance.

    4. The Locking Steel Curbside Mailbox SM7 with Post is a best buy for both its value and durability. The post is included in the price and the large storage capacity allows for days of mail storage if you are away for a few weeks. We know this locked mail box will work for almost any curbside location. It is made of 18-gauge electro-galvanized steel and will provide for years of safe mail delivery.

    5. The Antique Locking Mailbox with Eternity Design model A2402ABE can give charm and style to any house looking to update their wall-mounted mailbox. The drop slot allows regular first class envelopes, as well as larger envelopes and bubble wrapped envelopes to easily be dropped in by the postal carrier. The storage capacity holds mail for up to several days. It is constructed of 8 and 20 gauge steel and the finish will look great for years to come.

    6. Our selection of wall mounted locked mail boxes has grown. If you need to buy a secure wall mounted mailbox this may be one of the best. The Townhouse Wall Mounted Locking Mailbox is made of 14 and 16 gauge steel and includes a 7-pin Brass Core Lock (like on vending machines) which adds to the security to keep your mail safe and sound. The durable powder coating comes in 5 color choices.

    7. Our Locking Mailbox with Hopper Door sets a new standard for secure mailboxes. The most unique feature on this mailbox is the hopper door which is much like the mail drop box door inside the post office where your drop your mail. When this door is opened the back closes off so a would be thief is not able to reach down and pull out your mail. When the door closes the mail is dropped down into the locked compartment. This secure mail box works great if you receive prescription drugs or small parcels. It is approved by the US Postal Service and easily holds several weeks of mail securely.